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What is a GUID

A GUID or UUID is a 128-bit unique reference number used in computing, a GUID follows a specific structure defined in RFC 4122 and come in a few different versions and variants.

How unique is GUID?

A GUID is a unique number that can be used as a unique identifier for your projects or anything in the universe, but unlike ISBN there is no central authority – the uniqueness of a GUID relies on the algorithm that was utilized to generate it. We’ll look at the types of GUIDs later, but assuming a randomly generated GUID you have about the same chance of getting hit by a meteorite in a year as receiving a collision in 10-50 trillion GUIDs.

How to use this Tool?

Our online GUID Generator is very simple to use and the UI has all the vital info. By hovering over the ? symbol, you can see what that option does.

By clicking “Generate Some GUIDs!” button, you can generate GUIDs. If you press again, new IDs will be added to the bottom of the list.

At the top, you can find a few tabs where you can define your GUID’s format. Upper case, braces and hyphens might be useful in some cases. So, feel free to utilize them. Once these random GUIDs are generated, you can copy or export them with the click of a button.

Tool Features

This unique ID generator has a couple of unique features that you might not find elsewhere

  1. Export to CSV this feature will help while generating multiple GUIDs for your projects.
  2. Our Tool will not refresh for New generation of GUID, This will help developers to get their ID 30% faster as compared to other tools.
  3. We are coming with Emailing this CSV file to your Email ID.