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5 Best WordPress Speed Optimization Plugins


If you want to speed up your WordPress site, here we have listed a few plugins which will help in Boosting the loading Speed.

But once you have installed your WordPress to the best hosting services or you can try AWS with the 12-month free tier, there are plenty of useful WordPress speed optimization plugins that can help you to improve the User Experience or UI optimization of your site.

When we say “WordPress speed optimization plugins”, you might instantly be thinking` of caching plugins. And here we say yes, there is ‘n’ number of caching plugins available on the web. Implementing a solid plugin for caching is an important part of speeding up your Blog or Site.

1. WP Rocket


WP Rocket is one of the best all-in-one-purpose WordPress high-performance plugin. This can help in page caching, CSS minification, JS minification as well as a ton of other performance optimization tactics.

Once you install and activate WP Rocket, it automatically implements a few performance optimization techniques, including:

  1. Page caching
  2. Browser caching
  3. Gzip compression

Then, WP Rocket includes a user-friendly interface where you can configure(It does not require Development Knowledge) other optimization techniques such as:

  1. Minification(CSS or JS)
  2. Combine files(CSS or JS)
  3. Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript
  4. Lazy loading(Images)
  5. CDN integrations
  6. Database optimization(By deleting all the revisions)

We think WP Rocket is one of the best WordPress High-performance plugin for newbies because it does a tremendous job of simplifying everything. For instance, The interface has really suitable resolutions for what each stage does. Besides, the actuality that it’s all in a single plugin minimizes compatibility issues.

The above factors just generally make it good for people, who are looking to save time and streamline things.

Nevertheless, the “downside” is that WP Rocket is a premium plugin.

2. WP-Optimize


WP-Optimize started as a database optimization plugin for WordPress, This can help in the below factors:

  1. Implement page caching
  2. Compress images
  3. Enable Gzip compression

Note: It can also still optimize your database.

There’s also a premium version that performs the below regular maintainece activities :

  1. Schedule database cleanups
  2. Remove orphaned (unused) images
  3. Lazy load images
  4. Optimize respective database tables

WP-Optimize comes from the same team as the popular UpdraftPlus backup plugin, so it’s got a good team behind it. The free version is also available at After that, the paid version starts at $39 per year.

3. WP Meteor


WP Meteor is a totally new way of optimizing your WordPress site. It works even on top of your existing optimization plugins, including:

  1. Autoptimize
  2. WP Rocket
  3. WP Total Cache
  4. WP Super Cache
  5. LiteSpeed Cache

Important Notes:

  1. WP Meteor is not compatible with:
  • Nitropack

2. WP Meteor is known to have delay issues with:

  • Elementor Offcanvas addon


This plugin might not work for somebody, that’s hoped– delaying the scripts has its downsides. Also, the plugin logic is quite complex, so bugs might happen. If your site is business-critical or e-commerce, please test all of the scenarios carefully, All your business-critical pages, contact forms, and/or your product checkout process should check with all the scenarios throughout the build.

Still, if you are facing issues or any kind of problems regarding this plugin, as the official website says we can create a Bug report.

4. W3 Total Cache

w3total cache

W3 Total Cache is yet another widespread free caching plugin at

It’s the considerable feature-rich caching plugin for WordPress, that I’ve ever utilized..but it’s also the most intricate(at Our Own Risk) caching plugin that I’ve ever used. In point, which is a totally different experience from WP Rocket.

All that is to state, if you’re a newbie or casual user, I would recommend staying away from W3 Total Cache and using one of those different plugins.

However, if you’re a Web or Software developer or authorized user who wants to control every little aspect of how caching results on your site, this one can be an excellent option. For example, you have access to:

  1. Page caching
  2. Browser caching
  3. Database caching
  4. Object caching

W3 Total Cache can also help you with files(CSS or JS) minification and connecting to a CDN of your choice.

5. WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache

With a close-perfect 4.9-star rating from over 3,000 reviewers, WP Fastest Cache is one of the best-rated and top most popular free caching plugins at

you can enable page caching, which makes it stunningly easy to get started.

Beyond that, the free version supports:

  1. Gzip Compression
  2. Browser Caching
  3. Basic minification for HTML and CSS (but not JavaScript)
  4. Chance to disable WordPress emojis
  5. Exclude rules to exclude certain users/content from caching
  6. A tool to support your integration with CDNs

If you want even better optimization features, there’s also a premium version that adds:

  • Image optimization
  • Database optimization
  • More advanced minification, including aid for JavaScript minification
  • A tool to eliminate render-blocking JavaScript resources
  • Option to load Google Fonts async
  • Lazy loading

Note: The premium version starts at $59.


Overall, if you’re a regular WordPress user, we would say go with WP Rocket and WP Meteor. If you want a free solution, then I’d recommend WP Fastest Cache or WP Meteor with complete testing of your WordPress site. Once you have quality caching in place, you’ll also want some other plugins to optimize the front-end user experience of your site.

Do you have any queries about selecting between these speed optimization plugins? Ask away in the comments section below!

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